State operating support inches up in new fiscal year

State operating support for Iowa State is up slightly in the fiscal year that began July 1. Iowa State won't receive the more than $8.7 million in incremental funding it sought from the 2022 Legislature, but it will receive more than $2.1 million in new operating support. And two university building projects -- phase 1 of the Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory and the Student Innovation Center -- will receive $30.6 million in state support.

The state Board of Regents is scheduled to approve tuition rates and operating budgets at its July 27 meeting. Tuition and fee revenues account for more than 60% of the university's general operating budget; state appropriations more than 30%.

Below is a summary of state appropriations for fiscal year 2023.


Higher Education funding
Subtotal: $221.9 million

  • General university $174,092,719 (an increase of $1,947,953; requested $7 million)
  • Ag Experiment Station $29,462,535 (no change)
  • Cooperative Extension $18,307,366 (increase of $150,000 for the Iowa Agricultural Extension Association to host the 2023 national meeting of county agricultural agents)

The higher education funding bill also eliminated state operating support ($345,669) for Iowa Public Radio (IPR). The network no longer is part of the university system. In February, the board approved transferring the station licenses to IPR from the three public universities. This transfer includes the radio station call signs, towers or tower leases, and equipment used to operate the stations.


Agriculture and Natural Resources funding
Subtotal: $4.9 million

  • Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory $4,400,000 (no change)
  • Midwest Grape and Wine Industry Institute, $325,000 (increase of $37,000)
  • Livestock disease research $170,390 (no change)


Economic Development funding
Subtotal: $6.1 million

  • Economic development (research park, Small Business Development Centers, Center for Industrial Research and Service) $2,424,302 (no change)
  • Biosciences platforms $2,623,481 (no change), requested an additional $376,519 to fully fund the three platforms Iowa State manages at $1 million each
  • Innovation fund, $1.05 million (no change)


State funds for facilities
Subtotal: $30.6 million

The Legislature altered the timing of state funding for one Iowa State building project and left alone a scheduled final appropriation in FY23 for another project:

  • $28.6 million for Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory phase 1 construction, to complete the state's $63.5 million commitment to this project one year early. It includes $12.5 million awarded by the 2020 Legislature for FY23 and $16.1 million scheduled for FY24. Phase 1 construction is scheduled for completion in early fall 2023.
  • A $2 million appropriation for construction of the Student Innovation Center, completing the state's seven-year, $40 million support of the project.