Therkildsens donate new industrial engineering building

C.G. "Turk" and Joyce A. McEwen Therkildsen have provided a $42 million gift commitment to Iowa State's department of industrial and manufacturing systems engineering for a new facility that will provide technologically enhanced learning and research laboratory spaces where industrial engineering students can gain the knowledge to design tomorrow's innovative, nimble and intelligent processes needed now more than ever across all industrial sectors.

"Iowa State alumni know that our educational excellence creates a solid foundation for future achievements," said President Wendy Wintersteen. "This transformational investment by two extraordinary alums, Turk and Joyce Therkildsen, helps to solidify Iowa State University's prominence in engineering and to prepare our students for success in an increasingly complex, technology-driven world. We are grateful for their generosity."

Project leader

Former IMSE chair Gül Kremer has a special three-year appointment to oversee the building project.

On Sept. 15, the state Board of Regents' property and facilities committee recommended approval for the building to be named Therkildsen Industrial Engineering in honor of the Therkildsens. The full board will consider the proposed naming as part of its consent agenda on Sept. 16.

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The Therkildsens' committed lead gift is part of their long-standing relationship with Iowa State. Members of the class of 1959, C. G. "Turk" Therkildsen is an industrial engineering alumnus, and Joyce A. McEwen Therkildsen graduated with majors in zoology and physical education. Turk and Joyce are the semi-retired CEO and chairman and corporate secretary, respectively, of Industrial Hard Chrome, Ltd., based in Geneva, Illinois.