Facilities, services are open for students during partial shutdown

Campus operations will be limited between Christmas and New Year's this year, as they are every winter. During the 11-day optional and partial shutdown Dec. 24-Jan. 3, units can choose to reduce services or close to save on energy costs and allow faculty and staff to take time off to recharge during the holiday season.

But this year, for the first time, some faculty will be teaching during the partial closure. Iowa State is offering undergraduates the opportunity to take one of 51 online courses during a 25-day winter session Dec. 14-Jan. 21. Class is in session every weekday during that period, other than on university holidays (Dec. 24-25, Jan. 1 and Jan. 18).

In planning for the partial shutdown period, department and unit leaders need to ensure adequate staffing to support the nearly 2,300 students taking an online course during that time, senior vice president for operations and finance Pam Cain and vice president for university human resources Kristi Darr said in an Oct. 16 memo to university administrative officers.

Many campuswide student-focused services and facilities, both in-person and online, also will be available for some portion of the partial shutdown period. Here are some examples: