Retirements and farewells

December 2020

Nicole Nicholson, Dec. 18

Nicholson is a program specialist in new student programs, office of admissions.

Dan Schultz, Dec. 18

Schultz is a laboratory technician in the analytical services section at the Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory.

Don Behning, Dec. 31

Behning is the vice president for finance at the ISU Alumni Association and facilities and events supervisor for the alumni center.

Denise Denton, Dec. 31

Denton is an associate teaching professor in the kinesiology department.

Julie Graden, Dec. 31

Graden serves as coordinator of child care and family services within university human resources.

Kathy Dobbs, Dec. 31

Dobbs is the university controller.

Clay Pierce, Dec. 31

Pierce is an assistant professor in the department of natural resource ecology and management and assistant director of the Iowa Cooperative Fish and Wildlife research unit.

Mark Shour, Dec. 31

Shour is an Extension program specialist and runs the Pesticide Safety Education Program in the entomology department.

Doug Stokke, Dec. 31

Stokke is a teaching professor in the department of natural resource ecology and management.

Ellen Olson, Jan. 4

Olson is a secretary in the math department.

Kerry Dixon, Dec. 14

Dan Schultz, Dec. 18

Mike Parsons, Nov. 25

Janet Johnson, Dec. 4

Carol Yanda, Dec. 4

Trina Zimmer, Dec. 4

Duane Flanders, Dec. 7

Julee Lund, Dec. 9