Curtiss craftsmen

Ceiling workers on third floor Curtiss Hall

Photo by Christopher Gannon.

Al Roche, R&C Acoustical of Ames, prepares metal segments for the new ceiling framework in the south wing of Curtiss Hall's top floor earlier this week. In the foreground is the railing for Curtiss' signature central rotunda. The $2.3 million renovation project to the third floor began in January.

Project manager Kerry Dixon, facilities planning and management, reports that the demolition and rebuilding phases are complete, painting will wrap up next week and doors and glass installation will begin the last week of July. Furniture installation is scheduled for early August, with the goal of moving English department lecturers and graduate assistants into their new spaces near Aug. 15. Returning to Curtiss Hall by the end of August will be the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences' communications, development and IT units.