April 1 is the deadline to request summer remodeling projects

Departments wishing to have interior remodeling or new furniture installations completed by fall semester must submit their service requests by April 1 to facilities planning and management (FPM). This deadline allows time for project consultation, estimating and design, material purchases, equipment fabrication and construction. The more complex or large a project is, the earlier the process needs to start to meet the desired completion date. Fall classes begin Aug. 26.

Product ordering deadlines

Departments should proceed with design and approval for casework (office and laboratory cabinets) and furniture they want installed before fall semester begins. Installation is scheduled once the manufacturer confirms shipping dates. FPM recommends these ordering deadlines:

  • Casework and fume hood orders should be to procurement services by May 1 (12- to 16-week fabrication timelines)
  • Furniture orders should be to procurement services by May 24 (8- to 10-week fabrication timelines)

Summer is the busiest time of year for contractors in Iowa and the university's suppliers for casework, fume hoods, fixtures and furniture. Iowa State projects compete with projects in the K-12 education market and other markets.

Questions may be directed to FPM's facilities design and construction team, 294-8811.