Strategic plan subcommittee members

Student Experience

Focus: Ensure a successful student experience (academic, student life, co-curricular, etc.)

  • Co-chair Steve Mickelson, chair, agricultural and bioystems engineering
  • Co-chair Rachel Wagner, associate director, residence department
  • Daniel Breitbarth, senior, business economics
  • Corly Brooke, emeritus professor, human development and family studies
  • Carole Custer, director, university marketing
  • Aaron Delashmutt, associate director, public safety
  • Juan Duchimaza, graduate student, chemistry
  • Chrishelda Green, senior, child, adult and family services
  • Martino Harmon, associate vice president, student affairs
  • Volker Hegelheimer, professor, English
  • Jane Jacobson, director of student enrollment, advising and career services, Liberal Arts and Sciences
  • Craig Ogilvie, Morrill Professor, physics; and assistant dean, Graduate College
  • Yvette Rodriguez, graduate student, education
  • Kevin Schalinske, professor, food science and human nutrition
  • Ruben Sondjaja, junior, accounting
  • Cameron Thomson, junior, environmental science
  • Darin Wohlgemuth, assistant vice president for financial planning and budgets

Research Profile

Focus: Enhance the university’s research profile.

  • Co-chair Beate Schmittmann, dean, Liberal Arts and Sciences
  • Co-chair Kan Wang, professor, agronomy
  • Amy Andreotti, professor, biochemistry, biophysics and molecular biology
  • Julia Badenhope, professor, landscape architecture
  • Lora-Leigh Chrystal, director, Program for Women in Science and Engineering
  • Nathan Davis, graduate student, food science and human nutrition
  • Harrison Inefuku, coordinator and librarian, university library
  • Michael Kimber, associate professor, biomedical sciences
  • Wolfgang Kliemann, associate vice president for research
  • Cathy Kling, Distinguished Professor, economics
  • Lisa Leiden, director, Office of Responsible Research
  • Balaji Narasimhan, professor, chemical and biological engineering
  • Adam Schwartz, director, U.S. Department of Energy's Ames Laboratory
  • Misty Spencer, graduate student, education
  • Qijing Zhang, associate dean, veterinary medicine

Economic Development and Service to Iowa

Focus: Support state and regional economic development while serving all Iowans.

  • Co-chair Mike Crum, vice president for economic development and business engagement
  • Co-chair Himar Hernandez, community development specialist, extension and outreach
  • Fred Buie, president, Keystone Electrical Manufacturing Company
  • John-Paul Chaisson-Cardenas, program leader, 4-H youth development
  • Dan Culhane, president and CEO, Ames Economic Development Commission
  • Sandy Ehrig, economic development administrator, Iowa Farm Bureau Federation
  • Hillary Kletscher, graduate student, business administration
  • Lisa Lorenzen, executive director, ISU Research Foundation
  • Micheal Owen, University Professor, agronomy
  • Pamela Russenberger, program director, Center for Industrial Research and Service
  • Debra Sellers, human sciences director, extension and outreach
  • Ross Wilburn, diversity officer, extension and outreach
  • Brent Willett, executive director, Cultivation Corridor
  • Barb Wollan, field specialist, human sciences
  • Steven Zumbach, attorney, Belin McCormick

Campus Environment

Focus: Ensure a welcoming, safe, and inclusive campus environment.

  • Co-chair Theressa Cooper, assistant dean for diversity, Agricultural and Life Sciences
  • Co-chair Kenyatta Shamburger, director, multicultural student affairs  
  • Maria Alcivar, graduate student, human development and family studies
  • Daniel Buhr, adjunct assistant professor, naval science
  • Jacob Cummings, program coordinator, Equal Opportunity Office
  • Carolyn Duven, residence hall coordinator, residence department
  • Michael Giles, director, recreation services
  • David Inyang, assistant vice president for environmental health and safety
  • Carrie Jacobs, associate director, public safety
  • Audrey Kennis, multicultural liaison officer, Design
  • Lisa Larson, professor, psychology
  • Som Mongtin, assistant director, women's center
  • Parker Neid, senior, supply chain management
  • Arvid Osterberg, University Professor, architecture
  • Nicci Port, administrative specialist, Human Sciences
  • Raj Raman, professor, agricultural and biosystems engineering
  • Javier Vela-Becerra, associate professor, chemistry

Infrastructure Enablers

Focus:  Aspects of the campus infrastructure that cut across the university (for example, facilities, computer networks, environmental health and safety, transportation).

  • Co-chair Robert Currie, director of facilities services, facilities planning and management
  • Co-chair Amanda Fales-Williams, associate professor, veterinary pathology
  • Hamad Abbas, senior, political science
  • Roger Graden, associate director, residence department
  • Annette Hacker, news service director, University Relations
  • Arne Hallam, associate dean, Liberal Arts and Sciences
  • Logan Halverson, senior, forestry
  • Matthew Harvey, graduate student, industrial and agricultural technology
  • Christine King, associate dean, university library
  • Kris Koerner, program coordinator, facilities planning and management
  • Sheri Kyras, director of transit, CyRide
  • Jennifer Lohrbach, director of services networks and communications, information technology
  • Merry Rankin, director, sustainability office
  • James Reecy, professor, biotechnology
  • Jennifer Ross, manager of food services, ISU Dining

Additional Creative Opportunities

Focus: Capture creative, out-of-box ideas broadly related to the other five subcommittees. Look for ideas that might be missed in the more structured processes of the other strategic planning subcommittees.

  • Co-chair Keith Robinder, associate dean of students
  • Co-chair Marlene Strathe, director, School of Education
  • Lawrence Cunningham, CEO, ISU Daily
  • Daniel Gavin, junior, history
  • Caroline Hayes, professor and chair, mechanical engineering
  • Cara Heiden, governor, ISU Foundation
  • Suzanne Hendrich, University Professor, food science and human nutrition
  • Dong Huanjiao, graduate student, apparel, events and hospitality management
  • Jeffery Johnson, president and CEO, alumni association
  • Letitia Kenemer, art programs coordinator, Memorial Union
  • David Kingland, CEO and board of directors chair, Kingland Systems Corporation
  • Tera Lawson, program coordinator, School of Education
  • Emma Molls, research and instruction services librarian, university library
  • Julie Nuter, vice president, university human resources
  • Lori Stone, associate professor, interior design
  • Stacey Weber-Feve, associate professor, world languagues and cultures