Two female students chat while eating from ice cream cups

Hump day treat

In sunshine, wind, rain or snow, Dairy Science Club members sell ice cream for $1 over the Wednesday lunch hour.

Stategic plan pace quickens

The strategic planning process picks up speed as subcommittees are named and public forums set.

Senate approves policy changes for job descriptions

After months of discussion and feedback, changes to Faculty Handbook policies and guidelines for faculty position responsibility statements were approved at the Nov. 10 Faculty Senate meeting.

man in a lift bucket strings lights on central campus spruce tre

Stringing tree lights

Sky view

It's not every year that the holiday tree lights go up in sunny, 60-degree weather.

Flipped, hybrid classes to be showcased at Nov. 19 event

Twenty-two projects were supported by $262,000 in awards from provost's office, some department funds and assistance from learning design specialists in the Online Learning Innovation Hub.

Council makes progress on priorities

At their Nov. 5 meeting, Professional and Scientific Council members learned that eligibility for the provost's Emerging Leaders Academy will be broadened for P&S staff. Council president Tera Lawson said tuition reimbursement and guidelines for staff with teaching responsibilities also are being discussed.