Parking lot activity . . . lots of it

Parking lot construction near Frederiksen Court

Crews are in the process of improving or expanding parking lots in the vicinity of Frederiksen Court in anticipation of six more buildings being added to the student community. Lot 112C, on the south side of Frederiksen Court, is being expanded. Parking lot 119 (pictured), adjacent to Stange Road and south of Administrative Services Building, is being converted from a gravel lot to a fully paved one. Lot 114, north of 13th Street, has been striped and a crosswalk and signs have been installed. Lots 114 and 119 will be temporarily assigned to Frederiksen Court residents during the construction project.

The apartment buildings will be added in phases, with the first two -- along 13th Street -- scheduled to be ready for student movein in August. Photo by Bob Elbert.