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John Walters

"I think we can provide a lot of things that will help our fan base feel more connected to Iowa State. This is especially true for fans in the corners of Iowa or outside the state borders. will help them stay into touch with their university."
-- John Walters (Photo courtesy of ISU Athletics)

More live games, more John Walters, more walks down memory lane with the likes of Seneca and Fred., the new digital network for cardinal and gold folk, launched Aug. 1. It will carry its first live event -- football media day -- on Aug. 2.

Get acquainted with the new network in this Inside Q&A with athletics department staff.

What will be on

Live games, including:

  • at least one football game
  • a minimum of four men's basketball
  • a majority of women's basketball games
  • other Cyclone sports home competitions that aren't televised

Additionally, the network will carry exclusive video features by sportscaster and lead reporter John Walters, as well as  news conferences and classic games.If you miss a game in real time, it will be available through archives later.

How do I access

First, you'll need to subscribe. Regular subscriptions are $9.95  per month or $79.95 per year. Sign up before Sept. 1, and you'll receive a 25 percent discount, paying $59.95 for an annual subscription.  (Note: subscriptions are like magazine subscriptions with automatic renewals and billing.)

Once you've subscribed you can access most content via your computer, although you may need an app for your mobile device. logo

         View video.

How do I set up my mobile devices for

  • iPads: To watch video on an iPad, you'll need to buy the official Iowa State Athletics iPad app ($7.99).
  • Smart phones: To access archive and on-demand video from smart phones, you'll need the premium Iowa State Athletics mobile app ($4.99) for iPhone or Android. These apps also provide live-streamed audio of events, such as game broadcasts and call-in shows. Video streaming is not yet available for the phones.

I'm a Clone Zone subscriber. Do I need to subscribe to

No. If you already subscribe to the Clone Zone, you're all set. Your subscription will be automatically transferred to in late July. The Clone Zone will be retired when comes online. The new digital network will contain all the old Clone Zone content, plus new features and material. features high-definition video. How will that affect my viewing? 

We're using adaptive HD for our live streaming events, which means the faster your internet connection, the better your video will look.  Internet speed is affected by many variables, for example, how many people in your house are on the wireless router or how many people in your neighborhood are sharing your broadband cable service at a given time. Those on cable or DSL (broadband) connections should be able to access Dial-up and cellular networking such as 3G is not recommended.