Leath to meet with appropriations subcommittee

President Steven Leath will present Iowa State’s case for an appropriations increase to the Iowa Legislature's joint education appropriations budget subcommittee Feb. 8 at the State Capitol. Gov. Terry Branstad is recommending $20 million in new funding for the state Board of Regents, but there’s no indication what portion would be allocated to Iowa State.
Also scheduled to meet with the committee are: the presidents of the universities of Iowa and Northern Iowa; the superintendents of Iowa’s two special schools; and the president and president pro tem of the Board of Regents.
“I look forward to meeting with the committee, which is an important first step in the appropriations process for FY13. It’s a time to talk not only about the next budget year, but also to note the accomplishments of Iowa State and our contributions to the state of Iowa,” President Leath said.
In addition to the education appropriations subcommittee, other funding for Iowa State projects is directed by committees on economic development, agriculture and infrastructure.
State appropriations represent about 19 percent of Iowa State’s total $1.1 billion FY12 budget.