Volunteers help light up Winter Wonderscape

A small army of volunteers work throughout November to decorate Reiman Gardens' grounds for the holiday light show. More help ensures every Thursday through Saturday evening in December is a success. Members of the horticulture department work with Reiman Gardens staff to plan and execute the holiday design.

Faculty, staff are testing Workday Student processes prior to spring rollout

As part of the phased implementation of Workday Student and Receivables, thousands of transaction scenarios, featuring hundreds of simulated student personas, are being tested this winter in preparation for rollout No. 3 this spring.

Soupir named to Graduate College post

Following 20 months in an interim leadership post, professor of agricultural and biosystems engineering Michelle Soupir has been appointed associate dean for operations in the Graduate College, effective Jan. 1.

Tips for when the snow starts to fly on campus

A reminder of where to park until your lot is clear of snow, how to navigate safely across campus and where you can find sand/salt if your building steps are getting slippery.