Man power washes front peak of Curtiss Hall

Starting at the peak

Curtiss Hall's exterior will be cleaned and resealed this summer, part of regular maintenance on the nearly 115-year-old building.

Acclimating 5,700 students to Iowa State

New student orientation starts May 31, the first of 19 day-and-a-half sessions designed to help members of the fall freshman class begin their transition to college. Learn more about what they'll get done -- and where.

Verify eligible dependents by June 2

Employees who do not provide the proper documentation to verify dependents will have ineligible dependents removed from their plans, but ineligible dependents won't lose coverage until the next plan year begins on Jan. 1, 2024.

Computer science faculty devise a new model for growing graduate enrollment

The department's plan, which focuses on its two non-thesis master's programs and relies on bridge funds from the provost's office, is a model other departments could follow.

Kim McDonough head shot


McDonough joins president's strategic initiatives team

In a newly created position, she will provide data and metrics management and analysis to advance strategic priorities, and build and strengthen relationships with campus partners.

Rec services will go cashless on June 4

With 5% of its sales transacted with cash last year and that figure down to about 3% so far this year, the change won't impact most of its customers.

Executive board keeps faculty voice present during summer

The Faculty Senate's executive board -- senate officers and college caucus chairs -- doesn't officially meet during the summer, but lays the groundwork for a productive academic year.