Redbud trees in bloom near the Hub

Spring statement

Students stride beneath a canopy of blooming redbud trees near The Hub on Monday afternoon.

Congratulations, university award recipients

More than 80 Iowa State faculty and staff are receiving one of the university's awards for 2023, including the inaugural Award for Impact on Student Success.

Collision of chaos and innovation propels student learning

Four faculty members tried something new this semester: Combining their classes one day a week "for student-centric learning to the max." They held creative recess in the Student Innovation Center and adopted programming such as the college pitch off.

Digital textbooks become the default this fall; print remains an option

Aligned with national trends, more than 80% of course materials on campus already are provided in their digital version through the bookstore's immediate access program.

Provost reviews faculty advancement with senators

Seventy-five faculty members received promotions this spring, including tenure. Thirty-seven term faculty also advanced this spring.

Innovation bookshelf offers a place to start

With more than 200 titles to date, finding resources to turn creative ideas into projects and start-ups just got a little easier with the launch of the Innovation Bookshelf at Parks Library.