Greenhouse manager Kenny McCabe

Orchids, for starters

Among the plant wonders in the greenhouse atop Bessey Hall are 75 species of orchid, making for a warm and colorful visit on a winter's day.

Lower state income tax impacts net pay

Take-home pay in January was up a bit for most university employees, a reflection of new state income tax rates. Iowa is on a four-year schedule to arrive at a single rate, 3.9%, in 2026.

Student group, meats lab step up to stock SHOP

The Block and Bridle Club is teaming with the nonprofit Cactus Cares to purchase meat processed at the meats lab for the SHOP food pantry. The student organization has raised about $1,500; Cactus Cares will match up to $5,000 to provide meat for students dealing with food insecurity.

Council learns about dependent eligibility verification project

The verification process would start in late March, with a June 2 deadline for employees to submit the required documents verifying their dependents' eligibility.

Some guidance for using AI in the classroom

Instructors can set expectations for students by defining when and how artificial intelligence, like ChatGPT, can be used. Faculty can encourage or discourage its use by the type of projects  they assign.

Hanson joins Inside staff

Sioux City native Carly Hanson previously served in the office of diversity, equity and inclusion.