Professor examines brass whistle with student artist

Hitting the deadlines

Students are wrapping up projects across campus, including in Joe Muench's metalsmithing class in the College of Design.

Hiring can be hard right now. Here's what you should know.

Reflecting a nationwide trend, finding workers has been more difficult at Iowa State in recent months, especially for entry-level jobs. Amy Mann, UHR's head of talent acquisition, shared her thoughts on the tight labor market.

Work continues to update U.S. diversity requirement

With the Faculty Senate approving the new outcomes for the U.S. diversity requirement, work soon will shift to a new permanent committee overseen by the senate's academic affairs council. It will lead the transition process for a rollout that begins in fall 2023.

Four will interview on campus for DEI leadership post

Scheduled Dec. 3-8, each candidate's interview schedule includes a campus forum in the Memorial Union. In-person and virtual participation options will be available for the university community.

Working groups are developing 'to be' lists in strategic planning process

So far, nearly 65 people are involved in developing the next university strategic plan, including four working groups that are drafting where they see Iowa State going or becoming over the next decade.

Vehicle passes through railroad underpass

Haber underpass


Improvements at the Haber Road-University Boulevard interchange -- the site of narrow railroad underpass -- modernized the intersection and improved the safety of pedestrians and cyclists using it.

Parks open 24/7 during finals week, again

After the pandemic caused Parks Library to adjust its offerings during prep and finals weeks for more than a year, things are returning to normal. It will be open 24/7 during finals week and Barks@Parks returns during prep week.