Five female students study organic chemistry in a library collab

Tackling organic chem together

With a week to go before spring break, an organic chemistry study group gathers for its weekly session in Parks Library.

Instruction to move online; university will remain open

Iowa State instructors will teach their courses online Monday, March 23, through Friday, April 3. The two-week period comes on the heels of spring break week, and it could be extended.

COVID-19 FAQ for employees includes updates on remote work, health coverage

An FAQ released this week by university human resources answers many common questions about how the COVID-19 pandemic will affect Iowa State employees. A March 12 update added information about working remotely, managing student employees, university child care centers, hiring and health insurance coverage.

Q&A: The new P&S classification and compensation structure

Inside asked Emma Mallarino Houghton, director of classification and compensation in university human resources, to provide some insight and help set expectations about the process of implementing the new structure.

Wickert addresses move to online classes at Faculty Senate

Iowa State will move to online class for two weeks following spring break in response to COVID-19. Faculty and staff will continue their work on campus. 

Courtney Biere at the Knoll

Courtney Biere


December graduate Courtney Biere joined President Wendy Wintersteen's staff in mid-January as strategic engagement coordinator at the Knoll.

P&S Council gets updates on budget, student info system

At the Professional and Scientific Council's March meeting, President Wendy Wintersteen outlined next year's budget picture and provost and senior vice president Jonathan Wickert provided an update on the project to overhaul the student information system. 

Buying supplies? Check out Central Stores

Thanks to volume discounts, vendor contracts and familiarity with local sellers, Iowa State's central buying operation is difficult to beat on price. But Central Stores also prides itself on being convenient. 

More detailed pay stub shows financial value of benefits

Iowa State employees know the university provides a strong benefit package, but one of the unheralded advantages of Workday is a more detailed pay breakdown that makes the financial value of ISU benefits clear.