Student team in orange T-shirts unload a pickup truck

Making quick work

About 560 returning students volunteered this week to help move new students' belongings from parking lot to residence room.

How, and why, to see the total eclipse

An astronomy professor who has seen three of them says a nearby total solar eclipse is too magnificent to miss. But since it’s happening on the first day of the fall semester, here’s how to check in on it locally.

Steve Winfrey head shot

Steve Winfrey


Steve Winfrey is the new director of the Memorial Union. He began his new post Aug. 14.

Quick look: Regent university five-year tuition proposals

Iowa's three public universities presented their proposals at campus-based public forums Aug. 7-14.

Doug Harjes and Cheryl Robinette

Doug Harjes and Cheryl Robinette

A labor of love

Taking care of ISU's campus cemetery is more than a job. For groundskeepers Doug Harjes and Cheryl Robinette, it's a privilege.

Summer 2017 in the rearview

Here's a look back at the what happened across campus this summer.

PeopleAdmin training is online at Learn@ISU

Individuals who hire university employees can brush up on the PeopleAdmin process through new online training courses.