Man sprays garden hose on large planter of annuals

Beautiful campus

Campus services teams give extra attention during the dry weeks of mid-summer to seasonal vegation on campus.

State fair exhibit highlights how donors help students

From a fashion show to space mining, the university’s main exhibit at the Iowa State Fair this year will highlight how donor support has created special opportunities for students. Iowa State programs and people will be involved in many other ways at the 11-day fair, which begins Aug. 10.

Regents approve FY18 budget, three improvement projects

Despite a 5.5 percent reduction in state support, the operating budget for the year that began July 1 grew 2 percent. 

LEDs lead the way in ongoing overhaul of campus lighting

Facilities staff are making headway in a 5-year-old initiative to replace outdated, inefficient fluorescent lighting across campus, though tens of thousands of old bulbs remain. The conversion should speed up as prices drop for LED lights, which promise to last up to 20 years.

Lincoln Way safety study heads into solutions phase

Phase 1 of the study found little amiss with the engineering or physical conditions along the route -- but room for improvement in pedestrian behavior at the various intersections.

Canvas LMS is ready for instructor preview

Instructors can sign in and familiarize themselves with the new learning management system, which will be fully implemented by the start of the 2018 spring semester.