The home stretch

Graduating seniors enjoyed breakfast Tuesday prepared by faculty and staff volunteers. "Grad breakfast" has become part of Iowa State's tradition of sending off the senior class.

Residence department seeks to lease off-campus apartments

The residence department will ask for state Board of Regents approval Thursday to lease five off-campus apartment buildings next year. The trend for more students to return to campus housing, coupled with another anticipated large freshman class, has created a big demand for campus housing. Six new buildings at Frederiksen Court apartments will be phased in over the next year.

Chemistry majors peer at their smoky creation

Fun with SCUM

Veishea 2013 in review

Relive Iowa State's grand spring celebration through slideshow and video.

MOOCs: Where do they fit here?

University experts on online learning and technology get together to discuss a trendy topic in higher ed -- massive open online courses.

Dead week recommendations could become policy

What was a set of dead week recommendations for faculty could become policy if the Faculty Senate approves the proposed language at its final meeting of the academic year.