Sept. 20 is new go-live date for P&S classification/compensation system

As shared in an Aug. 21 memo to professional and scientific (P&S) employees and their managers, implementing the final piece in the new P&S classification and compensation system has been pushed back about three weeks. The go-live date, when final title assignments, compensation grades and ranges and other details of the structure become available in Workday, is now Sunday, Sept. 20.

That change means P&S employees should continue to use their current classification until then, and those who will have non-exempt positions in the new system don't need to begin tracking their work time until Sept. 20.

Emma Mallarino Houghton, director of classification and compensation in university human resources, said the early start to fall semester, compounded by the need to implement COVID-19 safety protocols as more employees returned to their campus workplaces, commanded P&S staff -- and their managers' -- time as the top priorities this month. This also caused delays in conversations with employees and managers related to P&S job title review requests, a critical last implementation piece for the new classification and compensation structure. More than 90% of the title review requests have been completed, she said.

Feedback she received from deans, department chairs and supervisors convinced her to work with senior leaders to reset the date.

In addition to finishing title reviews, Mallarino Houghton said her team will begin sharing training materials about the compensation side of the new structure. That includes how to use pay grades that are competitive in a local market and compensation that reflects the relative market value of each job. Inside will share details as these materials become available.


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