Merit employees will keep their AFSCME representation

AFSCME (American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees) will remain the contract bargaining representative for the university's approximately 1,300 merit employees, according to preliminary results from a retention election held Oct. 15-29. Following a 10-day challenge period that ends this week, the Iowa Public Employment Relations Board is expected to certify the election results.

In an election where not voting equates to a "no" vote and a simple majority is required, the results favored keeping AFSCME representation. Among the four AFSCME bargaining units that include ISU merit employees, 77 percent of eligible members cast a "yes" vote.

University human resources has posted the initial ballot tallies and shared them with merit employees.

"The university values the work of all of our employees and continues our commitment to work together to advance Iowa State University as a premier place to work and learn," said interim vice president for university human resources Kristi Darr.

The 2017 state law that limited collective bargaining rights for public employees also requires a retention vote prior to each new union contract with the state. The state of Iowa and AFSCME negotiate their collective bargaining agreement every two years; the current one expires June 30, 2019.