How will Workday change what you do?

Have you checked your vacation or sick leave balance? Purchased or ordered an item? Turned in travel expenses? Used a department/unit account number? How you do these tasks -- and many more -- is going to change with the implementation of the Workday platform.

Iowa State's WorkCyte team launched its "Ready, Set, Learn" initiative this month to help Iowa State employees and managers with the transition to Workday and other university-wide systems. All employees are encouraged to familiarize themselves with Workday basics before formal training begins.

"Workday will modernize the way our processes work at ISU. This will impact everyone on campus in some way," said Kristen Constant, interim vice president and chief information officer.

Start learning now

Constant recommends starting sooner rather than later.

"The learning starts now -- what's different, what’s better, and how our new processes will benefit the ISU community and prepare them for hands-on training," Constant said.

The learning materials include recorded workshops and short, animated instructional videos (dubbed "CyBytes") developed exclusively for Iowa State employees. Some materials are tailored for all employees, some for managers.

Workshops kicked off last semester and continue with in-person and online options, becoming targeted for specific responsibilities and tasks. The CyByte videos, produced by the WorkCyte team, offer brief segments to familiarize employees with the functions, terminology and navigation of Workday. A series focused on the Okta identity and access security platform also is available in Ready, Set, Learn. More topics are planned.

"The WorkCyte team is committed to ensuring we offer various modes of learning," Constant said. "CyByte videos get right to the point and provide the ability to capture screenshots or recordings from Workday and Okta."

Stay up to date

Training opportunities will be offered continuously in the coming weeks and months. Employees can learn about the latest developments and submit questions and feedback through the WorkCyte website.

Announcements and updates also are available on WorkCyte's social media platforms (Twitter, Instagram). Or, employees can contact the change liaison in their area.


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