The view from the sidewalk, captured one step at a time

Google Maps employee with backpack-mounted video recorder

Photo by Christopher Gannon.

Google Maps "trekker" Alberto Elias (above) moves through the Iowa State Center courtyard Monday, recording 360-degree imagery from a 40-pound video system mounted on a back harness. A Google team worked on campus for two days, recording both street views from a vehicle and sidewalk views captured by Elias.

For a new Google Maps "see inside" option for what it terms "iconic locations," Elias also walked the perimeter of the field at Jack Trice Stadium (below). When Google Maps updates the Iowa State campus views -- sometime in the next few months -- web viewers will be able to enjoy a quick tour of the renovated stadium. The "see inside" feature is intended to "allow people to really get a sense of the character of the place," according to a Google spokewoman.

Google Maps employee walking on ISU football field

Photo by Christopher Gannon.