Catt review committee following up with requesters, others

The committee reviewing requests to remove the name of Carrie Chapman Catt from Catt Hall has sought follow-up information from those who requested the removal and will seek information from others with a special interest or expertise in the building name and Catt's life and career.

It's the next step in Iowa State procedures for considering the removal of names from university property, said Carol Faber, chair of the standing committee to review requests for name removal and associate professor of graphic design.

"We've given those who initially requested that Catt's name be removed from Catt Hall the opportunity to provide more information and answer additional questions from the committee," Faber said. "We're also seeking out other individuals who can help us better understand the history of Catt and Catt Hall and provide feedback on potential impacts of any name removal decision."

Broad review of draft report

Faber said there will be an opportunity for comments from a broad audience when the review committee releases its draft report in 2022 on the request to rename Catt Hall. The committee will invite feedback specifically from the requesters, university units and other stakeholders impacted by the decision. The committee also will establish a public written comment period of up to 60 days.

All comments will be considered when the review committee prepares its final report and recommendation, which will be submitted to President Wendy Wintersteen.

In the meantime, the review committee members continue to study some 200 files about Catt and the suffrage movement compiled by History Associates Inc., a Maryland-based research firm.

"We have a thoughtful committee," Faber said. "They're doing a deep dive into the research, listening to the input and following the guidance provided by our university policy in this initial effort to consider the removal of a name from university property."