More green space is coming to Pammel Drive

Genetics Building demolition, looking east

An excavator operator tackles the north side of the Genetics Laboratory. Visible in the background are the Advanced Machinery Systems Lab and the top of the Advanced Teaching and Research Building. Photo by Christopher Gannon.

Following an abatement phase, demolition commenced last week on the Genetics Laboratory complex, two buildings on the north side of Pammel Drive dating to 1933. Demolition of the roughly 17,000 square feet clears $1.34 million off Iowa State's deferred maintenance roster. Former occupants, from the entomology and natural resources ecology and management departments, relocated to Science II last fall.

Similar to the Insectary demolition last spring, this project includes disconnecting utility lines and removing a tunnel to the building under Pammel Drive, which will require closing the road for several weeks in late May. Also similar to the Insectary removal, the Genetics Lab site will be seeded with a diverse seed mix to establish a pollinator garden and habitat for migrating butterflies. Work is scheduled to wrap up by late June.


Genetics Lab demolition, looking south

Photo by Christopher Gannon.