Students must activate Okta login requirement this month

Employees have been using multifactor authentication (MFA) to log in to web-based campus applications since March 2019. The deadline for students to activate their MFA preferences for the Okta login process is Oct. 31.

"We're asking faculty and staff to remind students to set up their MFA preferences before the deadline," said Mike Lohrbach, director of enterprise services and customer success for information technology services (ITS). "Early completion can help minimize the volume of Solution Center requests."

MFA provides a one-time authentication code during the login process to verify the user's identity. It helps defend against cyberattacks that can compromise university systems and individual accounts. 

Beginning in November, students will be prompted to enable MFA before they can access university applications, including Canvas and their ISU email accounts connected to Gmail. Step-by-step setup help is available on the ITS website.