Cyndi Wiley standing in front of the Durham Center

Photo by Christopher Gannon.

Cyndi Wiley, an associate professor at Grand View University, Des Moines, stepped into the role of digital accessibility coordinator this week. She'll work part time through the spring semester to fulfill her commitment at GVU and assume her full-time role at Iowa State on May 1.

As digital accessibility coordinator, Wiley will work with campus partners to comply with state and federal laws that require accessible online and information technology systems and resources -- for example, software, web content and classroom technologies. She also will provide information, training, tools and resources related to digital accessibility.

Wiley's appointment is in information technology services. She succeeds Zayira Jordan, who served as the inaugural digital accessibility coordinator from January 2016 to February 2017.

Wiley has served as a faculty member in Grand View's art and design department since 2012. She earned a bachelor's degree from the University of Missouri, Columbia, and a Master of Fine Arts from Iowa State, both in graphic design. She also holds a doctorate in human computer interaction from ISU.

Wiley's office is in 205 Durham Center. She can be reached by phone (294-8765) and email (clwileyiastate.edu).