What's happening at that corner?

crews unload steel lightpoles from a semi truck

Photo by Christopher Gannon.

Crews unloaded light structures and poles earlier this week at the field east of Willow residence hall. Lighting the field in the evening is part of a recreation services project to upgrade the grounds for intramural sports use. Plans also include an irrigation system to improve the durability of the turf and grading and reseeding the field. A bioswale containing native grasses will be added around part of the perimeter to improve drainage, and the steam line that runs diagonally under the field will be shut down during spring break. A new artificial turf cricket pitch will be moved to the northeast corner of the field.

Work will continue into May and then the site will be idle through summer to allow the new turf to grow. Dependent on the weather this summer, recreation services staff hope to begin using the fields in September.

The $2.7 million project will be funded by recreation services.