crews unload steel lightpoles from a semi truck

What's happening at that corner?

A spring project to irrigate, light, grade and reseed the intramural field east of Willow residence hall is underway. A dozen light poles are going in now.

Wheels are turning to prevent a midyear funding cut

Leaders encourage direct communications with legislators, develop impact statement to illustrate potential losses.


Clayton Mooney

Five questions for a junior entrepreneur-in-residence

The experiences Clayton Mooney gathered after repeated departures from Iowa State all help inform his current work here. The former professional poker player and co-founder of two burgeoning ag-tech startups is a junior entrepreneur-in-residence who runs the Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiative's student business incubator.

T-shirts displayed in the exhibit

Fashion exhibit

'Queer fashion' exhibit runs through April 14

The exhibition features recorded interviews with 12 LGBTQIA+ women; most of the exhibition's 98 articles of clothing are either borrowed or donated from their closets.