Senate resumes business with proposed new degrees

Meeting coverage

The Faculty Senate resumed its regular schedule Nov. 14 after last month's meeting was canceled due to a conflict with a presidential open forum.

Senators reviewed four new business items, including three proposed academic programs:

The faculty development and administrative relations council proposed changes to Faculty Handbook language. The updates would add pretenure and nontenure-eligible faculty in the "Unacceptable Performance of Duty" policy (chapter

"In the Faculty Handbook, this section appears to only apply to tenured faculty," said council chair Claire Andreasen. "The intent was to include all faculty."

Senators will vote on all four proposals at their Dec. 12 meeting.

Green Dot intro

Jazzmine Brooks, coordinator of ISU's Green Dot violence prevention program in the student wellness office, gave senators an overview of the initiative. She urged faculty to take advantage of workshops, training and toolkits specially designed for their use.

"It's a prevention program addressing things like sexual assault, dating and domestic violence, and stalking. We can bring in conversations on our mental health and talk about sexual harassment and all of those other pieces," Brooks said. "Green Dot specifically helps folks like you to be equipped to talk about these subjects, either actively or passively."

The faculty toolkit (PDF) includes topic suggestions for papers, classroom awareness materials, syllabus statements and extra credit assignments. It also provides tips to help with Green Dot awareness and support, such as endorsements in email signatures.

Unanimous decisions

Senators approved the discontinuation of the Master of Science degree in landscape architecture, a research-based program designed for professionals and international students. The supporting documents cited "lack of interest and enrollment," with no students currently admitted. The College of Design's landscape architecture department will continue to offer its accredited master's degree in landscape architecture.

Senators also approved updated language for the undergraduate U.S. diversity and international perspective requirements. The changes more clearly state the learning outcomes needed -- through courses or alternative academic work -- to satisfy both the U.S. diversity and international perspectives credits required for graduation.