A little help with the P&S job tool

Professional and scientific employees received an email June 1 from university human resources (UHR) with the subject line "Classification and Compensation Review -- Job Profile Tool." The job collection tool is an early component of a broad review of the P&S classification and compensation system. The safety of all links and attachments in the email was verified by IT services.

Input from the tool is being used to create new classifications that encompass the diversity of positions across campus. This collection process will inform and shape the future P&S classification structure by giving UHR the ability to properly categorize jobs into new classifications and job families.

New info

Check out the project website

Employees are asked to complete the tool by June 30; supervisors should complete their review and send all completed tools to UHR by July 14. With about three weeks remaining until the first deadline, UHR staff compiled a Q&A to assist employees who haven't completed their tool yet; several from that document are are included below.

How long will it take to complete the Job Profile Tool?

On average, P&S employees will need approximately 30-60 minutes to complete the tool.

How detailed should my answers be?

Please keep your answers brief. Include broad, key information that encompasses the primary duties and purpose of the position, but not every detail of what you do on a daily basis.

What information do I need prior to starting?

You'll need to know your Net-ID, job classification title and number, your supervisor’s name, your department and pay grade. The tool also will cover:

  • Essential/primary duties
  • Supervisory responsibilities
  • Level of education and experience you think should be required and preferred for the position
  • Certifications and licensures you think should be required and preferred for the position
  • Your level of education, and certifications and licensures you possess that are applicable to the position
  • Physical demands and working conditions
  • Additional comments, for example a title that is more reflective of the job you do

How can I confirm my job classification and number, my pay grade, department and who my supervisor is?

This information can be found in your current position description. Directions for accessing your PD are online. If you are unable to access your position description, or have questions, email uhrcc@iastate.edu or contact your HR liaison.

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