Online, in-person training helps answer FLSA questions

Training began last week for employees who will become eligible for overtime pay (nonexempt) beginning Dec. 1 and their supervisors. The change is the result of new overtime regulations mandated by the U.S. Department of Labor through the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).

The training is a blend of online courses and in-person sessions. To complete the FLSA training, log in to Learn@ISU, select "My Menu" and "My Requirements" for the necessary links.

"University human resources wants to partner with the campus as a whole in an effort to not only educate, but also navigate the cultural shift these changes present to the campus community," said Kristi Darr, interim vice president for UHR.

Online courses

Individuals who will become nonexempt and their supervisors are required to take an online course, available at Learn@ISU. The employee session lasts about 30 minutes, and the supervisor session about 38 minutes.

In-person sessions

In-person working sessions for supervisors and training for time entry staff are scheduled throughout November and December. Enroll in these sessions at Learn@ISU

Some supervisor work sessions already have occurred.

"The feedback has been positive as to how customized the sessions are for participants," Darr said.  "While a PowerPoint presentation serves as a script and provides examples, these working sessions are really about getting the supervisors’ questions answered."

Supervisors have an opportunity to discuss their department's specific needs and concerns with UHR facilitators. Resources, such as UHR's FLSA website, are used to enhance the understanding of the FLSA changes and offer reference tools for later.  

Questions, comments or concerns about the FLSA changes may be emailed to

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