Sept. 25 network upgrade may slow connections

New internet routers will be installed on campus Sunday, Sept. 25, from 4 a.m. to 4 p.m. Individuals using Iowa State's network and websites may experience intermittent periods (up to 30 minutes) of little or no connectivity, most likely in early morning when work starts. 

Those who are on campus will be able to reach other on-campus resources, such as Blackboard and AccessPlus. Emergency services, such as fire alarms and connectivity to 911 operators will be maintained. However, on-campus users may not be able to connect to off-campus websites, such as CyBox and CyMail.

Off-campus users may be unable to reach university sites.

Upgrade brings speed, reliability

"The IT networking and communications teams have been preparing for this upgrade since 2015," said chief information officer Jim Kurtenbach. "The technology teams and our service partners look forward to providing ISU with a new and improved level of connectivity and appreciate everyone's patience during this installation. This is an important upgrade, providing our campus network with greater speeds and more reliability."

Updates on the upgrade

During the upgrade, updates about any extended outage will be posted on the: