Regents issue phase 1 report in efficiency study

On Wednesday, the state Board of Regents shared a report (PDF) that summarizes phase 1 results and recommendations in a broad efficiency review of the three regent universities. 

TIER forum
 June 24 (9-11 a.m.)
 Howe Hall auditorium

During the 10-week first phase of the TIER review, representatives of Deloitte Consulting visited each campus twice and  conducted nearly 400 interview sessions in an effort to get to know the universities and collect ideas on reducing costs, increasing revenues and improving services. 

Wednesday's four-page report summarizes those efforts and lists areas that will get special attention in the next phase. The consultants believe these areas present the greatest opportunities for efficiencies and cost savings. During Phase 2, which begins later this month, consultants will do detailed cost-benefit analyses to determine what efficiencies might be achieved in each area.

The broad areas of focus in phase 2 include:


  • Sourcing and procurement, to analyze further improvement to purchasing practices
  • Academic programs, to strengthen academic programs to achieve maximum competitiveness, to broaden non-traditional student access through distance education, and to better support institutional research practices and capabilities 
  • Information technology services, to examine ways to optimize how IT services are provided
  • Facilities management, to explore ways to more effectively use university infrastructure and reduce utility consumption
  • Finance, to determine ways to simplify the delivery of finance services 
  • Human resources, to optimize how HR services are provided
  • Strategic space utilization, to improve building use rates
  • Student services, to evaluate if a common application portal across the three universities would benefit students and the universities 

The consultants noted that administrative functions will be the focus this summer, with a shift to the academic programs review once fall semester is underway and students and faculty are on campus. At its June 4 meeting, the regents approved a $1 million addendum to its $2.5 million contract with Deloitte to extend the service period into December for this purpose.

The university community can find out more and ask questions about the review at a campus forum on June 24 (9-11 a.m., Howe auditorium).

About the review

The expressed aim of the TIER (Transparent, Inclusive Efficiency Review) process, launched by the regents in late March, is to look at administrative and academic operations at the three state universities and find ways to maximize resources, improve efficiencies and contain costs.