Leath presents appropriations request to legislative subcommittee

"We try to be very good stewards of your money," President Steven Leath told members of the Iowa Legislature's Education Appropriations Subcommittee last Thursday.

Leath and Rep. Daniel Lundby

President Steven Leath visits with State Rep. Daniel Lundby, Marion, following the subcommittee meeting.

Iowa State's general operating funds request is a 4 percent increase ($6.95 million)  over last year.

In his presentation, Leath also noted that:

  • If approved, the 4 percent increase would allow another tuition freeze, which "has a tremendous impact" for students and their parents
  • Iowa State enrollment grew more than 2,000 students for the current academic year
  • Of the 33,000 students on campus in the fall, 18,000 are resident students