Aastra 6737i: When you can't pick up, special rings, juggling two calls

Aastra 6737i

AAstra 6737i (PDF user guide)

Do not disturb (DND)

This feature allows you to block incoming calls before they even ring at your phone. Callers will be sent directly to your predefined call forward/busy destination, usually your voice mail.

  • Press the "DND" key to toggle "do not disturb" on and off; DND is in effect when the button light is on
  • If you want your phone to beep an alert whenever DND is sending a caller elsewhere:
    • Sign into the portal at phone.iastate.edu
    • Click "incoming calls" and then "do not disturb"
    • Check "play ring reminder when a call is blocked"
    • Leave "do not disturb" in "off" position on the portal. It's more convenient to toggle DND off and on from your phone.
    • Press "apply" or "OK"

Ignore a call

  • While the phone is ringing, press the "ignore" softkey
  • The call immediately will go to your forward/busy destination, usually your voice mail

Pick up a call while you're on another call

When you're on a call and another caller is trying to reach you, you'll hear two quick beeps. You can simply ignore the incoming call and let it roll to voice mail. However, it's possible to answer the second caller and put the first caller on hold.

  • Look for the blinking line key (that's the new caller)
  • Let your first caller know you're putting him/her on hold and press the blinking line
  • You'll now be connected to the second caller; the first caller will hear music
  • Toggle between the two lines to talk to the first or second caller

A special ring for certain callers

The priority alert option allows you to assign a special ring to some callers -- for example, all external callers or certain colleagues or family members. Your phone only has one special ring. It's a subtle variation of whatever ringtone you've selected, but the cadence is two quick rings in the place of a longer, single ring.

  • If you haven't done so, set up your portal
  • Go to phone.iastate.edu and sign in
  • In the left navigation, click "incoming calls"
  • Under the "advanced" column, click "priority alert"
  • Click the "add" button to set up alerts
  • Click "OK"