Aastra 6737i: Call lists, ring tones, conference calls

Aastra 6737i

Aastra 6737i (PDF user guide)

View callers list

The "callers list" stores up to 200 incoming calls. Telephone icons beside the call indicate whether your call was answered or not. Answered calls display a phone with the receiver raised. On unanswered calls, the recever is in place. To access the list:

  • Press the "callers" softkey and use ▲ ▼ to scroll through the list
  • Within the list, the softkey provides options to dial, edit or delete calls

Change ringtone

At present, only five ringtones and a silent mode are available on the phone.  To change your ringtone:

  • Press the "options" key, scroll down to "preferences" and select by pressing ▶
  • Press ▶  to select "tone" and ▶ again to select "ring tone"
  • Scroll for desired tone. (NOTE: If  tones aren't yet ringing as you scroll through, listen to tones here.)
  • Stop on the tone you like and and press "done" softkey

Initiate a conference call

The 6737i supports up to three parties in a conference call.

To add a third party to a pre-existing phone conversation:

  • Press the "conf" key
  • Dial the number of the third party or press the line # key if the third party is holding
  • Once the third party has answered, press the "conf" key again to connect everyone

To cancel while the third party's phone is ringing:

  • Press the "cancel" softkey
  • Reconnect to the second party by pressing the (lit) line key or the "hold" softkey

If the third party answers, but can't join in:

  • Press "drop" softkey
  • You'll automatically be reconnected with the second party

To drop a party from an active conference:

  • Use up or down arrow to point to the party to be dropped (listed on screen)
  • Press "drop" softkey
  • Other parties will remain connected

If you want to leave the conference:

  • Press the "leave" softkey
  • The other parties will remain connected