Aastra 6739i: Call lists, ring tones, conference calls

Aastra 6739i

Aastra 6739i (PDF user guide)

View callers list

The "callers list" stores up to 200 incoming calls.  To access the list:

  • Press the "callers" key on the front panel
  • Press the  ▲ ▼ softkeys on the screen to view callers
  • You'll have options to dial callers, post callers to your directory or delete calls

Change ringtone

At present, only five ring tones and a silent mode are available on the phone.  To change your ring tone:

  • Press “options” key
  • Press “audio” on the touchscreen
  • Press the button next to “ring tone”
  • Scroll tones and select one (NOTE: If tones aren't yet ringing as you scroll through, listen to tones here)
  • Press the “goodbye” key to exit the menu

Initiate a conference call

The 6739i supports up to three parties in a conference call.

To add a third party to a pre-existing phone conversation:

  • Press the "conf" softkey
  • Dial the number of the third party or press line # key if third party is holding
  • Once the third party connects, press "conf" softkey  to connect everyone

To cancel while the third party's phone is ringing:

  • Press "cancel" softkey
  • Reconnect to second party by pressing the (lit) line key or the "hold" softkey

If third party answers, but can't join in:

  • Press "drop" softkey
  • You'll automatically be reconnected with second party

To drop a party from an active conference:

  • Use up or down arrow to point to the party to be dropped
  • Press "drop" softkey
  • Other parties will remain connected

If you want to leave the conference:

  • Press the "leave" softkey
  • The other parties will remain connected