Council consolidates representation areas

A motion to update the Professional and Scientific Council's representation areas was approved at the group's Feb. 14 meeting. The changes do not affect the number of council positions, but do narrow the number of representation areas from six to four that follow the institution's administrative structure (academic affairs, business and finance, president's office and student affairs).

Two areas -- Extension/outreach and a combined grouping of the Institute for Physical Research and Technology (IPRT) and U.S. Department of Energy's Ames Laboratory -- were folded into academic affairs. A proposal to separate the IPRT and Ames Lab representation group initiated the council's discussion of realignment in November.

Using current employee numbers, the academic affairs area provides 26 of the council's 36 total members. The new structure designates 12 at-large representatives and one representative each from 14 areas under the academic affairs umbrella, including:

  • Research and Economic Development
  • Extension and Outreach
  • Library
  • Information Technology Services
  • College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
  • College of Business
  • College of Design
  • College of Engineering
  • College of Human Sciences
  • College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
  • College of Veterinary Medicine
  • Graduate College
  • Ames Lab
  • Office of the Senior Vice President and Provost

If one of the 14 areas fails to provide a candidate for its designated position, an at-large representative would be assigned.

The motion, passed with a 31-5 margin, will go into effect in fiscal year 2014.

Other business

  • Brenda Behling, director of academic policy and personnel, updated council members on restructuring plans in the provost's office, effective July 1. She also said a consultant will assess the wide variety of diversity efforts on campus and help the administration develop an institution-wide structure to facilitate inclusiveness.
  • Amy Tehan, program coordinator in the Ames Lab, was elected as the council's next president-elect in a two-person race. Dick Pfarrer, hall coordinator in the residence department, was the other candidate.
  • Senior vice president and provost Jonathan Wickert will present CYtation awards to 2012 winners at a Feb. 26 ceremony (noon-1 p.m., MU Campanile Room).