Satellite voting comes to campus Oct. 15-19

Iowa State officials have worked with the Story County auditor's office to provide early voting on campus the week of Oct. 15. Election Day is Nov. 6. Following are a few details on satellite absentee voting for Iowa State audiences:

Registered voters in Story County

Voters already registered in Story County may vote early on campus. Election officials will have ballots from all Story County precincts.

Employees new to Story County

Faculty and staff who moved to Story County since the last election may:

  • Register to vote (or change their voter registration residence information)
  • Complete a ballot

Employees' residences must be in Story County to vote at a campus satellite location. If you commute to Iowa State from a community outside of Story County, you must vote in that county.

Iowa State students

In Iowa, college students have the option to vote in Story County or in their home county. At the satellite voting station, ISU students who will be 18 years or older on Nov. 6 have the option to:

  • Register to vote in Story County and complete a ballot
  • Fill out a request form to receive by mail an absentee ballet from their home county

Campus locations

Voting will occur from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on these dates and in these locations:

  • Oct. 15: Maple-Willow-Larch Commons (classroom 1C) and 136 Union Drive Community Center
  • Oct. 16-17: Memorial Union (lounge area near main desk) and Carver Hall (north lounge on main floor)
  • Oct. 18-19: Parks Library (main floor) and Kildee Hall atrium

A few notes about absentee ballots

At these satellite locations, voters are using absentee ballots. Voters must mark the ballot at the satellite station and leave it with the officials. They may not take the ballot home to complete later. The ballots will remain sealed until Election Day, when a bipartisan special board will count them. The results are not tabulated until the polls close.

Early voting in Iowa started Sept. 27 in county auditor offices and continues through Monday, Nov. 5. The optional satellite absentee voting in Story County begins Oct. 8 and continues through Nov. 3.