Provost search committee is reviewing applications

One hundred and thirty nominations have been received for the ISU provost position, and 35 people have submitted applications.

"The search committee currently is reviewing the applications for senior vice president and provost," said Wendy Wintersteen, search committee chair and College of Agriculture and Life Sciences dean. "Our goal is to narrow the field to those we wish to invite for a first round of interviews that would take place off campus."

The committee expressed its appreciation to all who submitted nominations.

"We’re pleased that so many in the campus community came forward with their ideas," Wintersteen said. "A hundred and thirty nominations is an outstanding response, and a great starting place for the work we need to do."

Although the preferred deadline for submitting applications was March 31, the search committee will continue to consider candidates throughout the process.

The committee continues to work toward a goal of scheduling on-campus interviews for finalists between April 17 and April 28. Open forums will be scheduled to allow the university community and the public to meet with finalists.

All applicants have requested that their names be kept confidential during the early part of the search. The names of those who become finalists will be released before they visit campus.