Man in elevated bucket cuts tree limb with chainsaw

This old oak

A red oak removed this week near the northwest corner of Curtiss Hall was part of a small grove planted in 1917 in memory of Iowa State College's second president, Seaman Knapp. The culprit was root rot.

Bearded man wearing glasses in chef's white jacket

Josh Wilkins

Five questions with a chef who can compete

Josh Wilkins recently won the Iowa Pork Producers 37th annual Taste competition. He brings that same dedication to feeding 10,000 daily visitors to the dining halls.

Practice space helps advising, academic support staff prepare for go-live

More than 1,300 staff and faculty with student advising and academic support roles received access this week to a Workday Student practice site. It gives them a risk-free way to kick the tires on some functions they'll be using -- for real -- next month.

Nomination window is open for council seats

This spring, terms expire for 20 of the 44 seats on the Professional and Scientific Council. Vacancies exist in all four of the representation areas.

AI can improve course accessibility

Artificial intelligence can be a brainstorming buddy for accessible course design, for example, how to start alternative text and revise it to provide descriptive information for students. It also can improve closed captioning accuracy.