Two male students zip-tie closed theater seats in auditorium

Prepping classrooms for fall semester

The process includes taking seats out of commission with zip-ties or stickers, posting signage to note revised student seating capacities, taping off instruction zones on the floor for faculty and, in classrooms with two accessible entrances, designating one for entry- and one for exit-only.

What to do when face coverings policy is ignored

Guidance released this week provides some direction on how to respond if a student or employee declines to wear a face covering and outlines potential consequences of repeated deliberate violations.

Four leadership changes await regents' approval

Iowa State has a new senior vice president for student affairs, and three other university leaders have new permanent appointments, all pending approval July 29 by the state Board of Regents.

Retirement incentive proposal goes to regents next week

Iowa State employees who meet a rule of 70 (age plus university service) and are at least 60 years old on their retirement date could be eligible to select from three incentive options.

How faculty viewed spring's virtual transition

Three out of four of faculty and instructional staff surveyed about their experiences in the transition to virtual course delivery this spring said they had adequate support and that students still achieved the core learning outcomes in classes that shifted online.

Memo outlines new fall guidance for instructors

Guidance released by the provost's office and the fall academic continuity working group includes several new recommendations that will affect instruction and other interactions with students.

Obbink named to coordinate public health plan implementation

Kristen Obbink, who works as a veterinary specialist at the Center for Food Security and Public Health, located at the College of Veterinary Medicine, will serve as the university's COVID-19 public health coordinator through fall semester.

Quarantine required after arriving from abroad

To comply with CDC guidance, students, faculty and staff arriving from outside of the United States must self-quarantine for 14 days before participating in any in-person activities on campus, including classes.

P&S Council gets fall planning, class/comp updates

Council members heard about testing plans for students moving into on-campus housing and the latest on new job titles assigned to professional and scientific staff. 

Temporary changes announced for ombuds services

With the retirement of ISU's ombuds officer, the university will contract with an ombuds/dispute resolution firm on an interim basis.