Two female students hang out in hammocks near the campanile

Hammocks in the sun

Cooler temperatures compel students to hang their hammocks in the sun, not the shade.

New overtime regulations go into effect Dec. 1

The U.S. Department of Labor says all businesses and universities in the nation must implement new overtime regulations by Dec. 1. Iowa State is working to meet that deadline. Find out how you might be impacted.

Hiring cycle will bring 76 tenured, tenure-eligible faculty to campus

Iowa State hired 76 tenured or tenure-eligible faculty in the 12 months leading up to this semester, bringing its five-year total to 444 hires.

Assistant professor Rachel Meyers and President Steven Leath

Teaching award

University community recognizes 50 of its finest

Faculty, staff received their awards at Sept. 26 campus gathering in the Memorial Union.


Green trash

Trash compactors continue to save some green

Seven years after first appearing on campus, the now-familiar green solar trash compactors continue to make a big financial and environmental impact. 

Lactation spaces receive updates

Facilities planning and management and university human resources are working together to create new lactation spaces on campus and improve existing ones.