Three people remove plastic wrap from large metal sculpture

First stop: State fair exhibit

The university's state fair exhibit, which opens today, features one of the newly refabricated G-Nome sculptures and seven other campus works of art among its attractions. In the fair's Varied Industries Building, the Iowa State exhibit is open daily 9 a.m.-9 p.m. through Aug. 21.

Lackey updates council on budget, salary issues

Chief financial officer Miles Lackey discussed tuition's big role in revenue growth, salaries and a P&S classification and compensation system review.

Responsiveness drives new student affairs leadership structure

Senior VP Martino Harmon did lots of listening and studied other universities' student affairs structures before proposing changes for his division.

Policy clarifies: Free expression throughout campus

For some time, officials have sought to correct a mistaken notion that free expression on campus was confined to a few designated zones. They hope a newly revised policy will help. The new version is streamlined, easier to understand and emphasizes that expressive activities are encouraged throughout campus, says policy administrator Sheryl Rippke.

Finalists selected for new Hispanic/Latino affairs position

Three finalists for the new project director of Hispanic/Latino affairs in the vice president for diversity and inclusion office will interview on campus in the next few weeks.

EAP expands free counseling sessions

Iowa State's employee assistance program is offering benefits-eligible employees and their family members three additional free counseling sessions per incident, per year, for a total of six.