Harbinger of spring

Female and male students cut ribbon for bike repair station

It's not every third-week-of-February we're in a position to regularly use a bike repair station. Members of Student Government's Sustainability Committee, led by ribbon-cutters Olivia Miller and Nick Michel, on Monday celebrated the installation of two replacement bike repair stations on campus, one of which is visible behind Miller and Michel. Joining the students was campus planner Chris Strawhacker (third from right). Photos by Christopher Gannon.

Two bike repair stations have been installed on campus for free use by the university community, courtesy of Student Government. The new bike stations replace 10-year-old stations in the same locations, west side of the Memorial Union and north of the Hub. Both were installed by campus services team last week.

Student Government's Sustainability Committee worked with facilities planning and management to coordinate purchasing and installation. An award from Student Government's Green Initiatives Fund covered the cost of the stations. Each repair station includes an air pump, two tire levers, Phillips and flathead screwdrivers, Allen wrench set (2.5-8 mm), box wrench set (8-32 mm) and a size T25 Torx (6-pointed star) wrench.