Cyclones Care campaign kicks off with building signage

A campaign emphasizing four healthy behaviors launched last week with a collection of fundamental signage for university facilities. It's the initial step of a central “Cyclones Care” behavior messaging campaign that will expand into digital and promotional materials. 

The Cyclones Care campaign provides a consistent look and message for materials that reinforce four priorities:

  • Wear a face covering
  • Wash or sanitize hands often
  • Maintain physical distancing of at least 6 feet (2 meters)
  • Stay home when ill

There's a sign for that

The campaign's first step -- providing fundamental signage for university facilities -- is well underway. Facilities planning and management (FPM) is working with building supervisors to coordinate signage needs. This goes hand-in-hand with building adjustments that minimize contact, such as occupancy limits and pedestrian traffic flow.

"As we work toward reopening campus, we're addressing the needs of the community. Encouraging people to “Keep Right” in our hallways, just like we do on the road, will help provide safe movement through campus," said Kerry Dixon, facilities sustainable design and accessibility coordinator in FPM.

Departments and units should work with building supervisors on internal signage needs. The pool of fundamental signage includes simple messaging that can be used in multiple locations, with attention to accessibility compliance. 

The fundamental signage is centrally funded and only available through orders placed by building supervisors. FPM staff will install signage for exterior doors, restrooms, elevators and general classrooms. Residence and ISU Dining staff will handle installation in their facilities. 

"We need to be compliant with all building and accessibility codes," Dixon said. "We want to think about how to direct traffic through a building when not everyone can take the stairs, or avoid unintentionally sending people outside and around a building to get to a restroom or elevator."

Additional options may be added to the pool of fundamental signs if needed. Custom signs can be ordered through printing services, but are not centrally funded.

Print-and-go signs

Many of the fundamental signs also have office printer-friendly versions that are available for download on the COVID-19 response website. Editable PDF versions can be customized with office phone numbers or room occupancy limits. Signage printed and used locally should only be posted with masking tape or painter's tape to avoid damage to walls and surfaces.


A collage of Cyclones Care messaging signage

Examples of signs created for different purposes and spaces, including stairs, hallways, floors and furniture. A few editable PDFs are available for download to customize and print locally.