Mozy: Extra backup protection

Laptops are vulnerable to a lot of things -- fried circuits, tumbling down the stairs or theft. If you faithfully store your files on CyBox or another ISU file server, you should be able to recover nicely from a laptop calamity.

For cloud storage

CyBox is available for all faculty, staff and students.

However, if you need to store work solely on your university-owned laptop, it's important to have a backup. Iowa State's solution is Mozy, a secure backup service. Through a university contract, campus users can buy Mozy protection for $27 a year.

The Mozy software, which can be installed on up to three devices (PC, Mac or Linux desktops or laptops), automatically encrypts and backs up files in the background while connected to the internet. You will not need to spend hours manually backing up your device.

Contact the Solution Center (294-4000, for more information about Mozy.