New student onboarding task force

Task force members

Co-chair: Dave Holger, associate provost
Co-chair: Keith Robinder, interim dean of students

  • Lequetia Ancar, multicultural liaison officer, Engineering student services
  • Claire Andreasen, Faculty Senate
  • Ashton Archer, graduate and professional student senate
  • Tonia Baxter, Professional and Scientific Council
  • Cameron Campbell, associate dean, College of Design
  • Cinzia Cervato, Morrill Professor, geological and atmospheric sciences
  • Laura Doering, registrar
  • Pete Englin, director, residence
  • Patrice Feulner, senior associate director, athletics
  • William Jenks, chair, chemistry
  • Gralon Johnson, University Innovation Alliance fellow, student affairs
  • Joel Johnson, director, Engineering student services
  • Roberta Johnson, director, student financial aid
  • Liz Kurt, director, new student programs
  • Jen Leptien, interim director, learning communities
  • Matt Pistilli, director, student affairs assessment and research
  • Nicci Port, project director, diversity and inclusion
  • Mark Rowe-Barth, director, student wellness
  • Zoey Shipley, student government
  • Amy Slagell, associate dean, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
  • Kelsey Smyth, advising professional development coordinator, Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching
  • Judy Strand, program coordinator, Graduate College
  • Marlene Strathe, director, School of Education
  • Katharine Suski, director, admissions
  • Howard Tyler, co-chair, university academic advising committee
  • Deb Vance, interim director, international students and scholars
  • Susan Vega-Garcia, Faculty Senate
  • Cody West, student government
  • Karen Zunkel, director, undergraduate programs and academic assessment

Steering committee members

  • Cameron Campbell
  • Dave Holger
  • Gralon Johnson
  • Keith Robinder
  • Kelsey Smyth
  • Katharine Suski